How to save the budget for a family vacation, part 2

18 November, 2013


This is a continuation of the article with a series of simple tips on how to, What is rather crafty ways to save family budget with planning and organizing a family holiday travel. Start here.

Tips, How to save money on flights

- When flying with the family choose discount airlines, to save money.

- Book your plane tickets online, rather than use the services of a tour agent.

- Another simple measure is saving space reservation in advance, because, as we approach the time of your vacation, cheap flights, likely, will not be available.

- You can also save money, flying in the middle of the week (On Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday), and not in a weekend, which are the most popular time to travel.

- Flights, departing early in the morning or late at night, in these days, are often the cheapest.

If you also need a place to rest, You can save money, receiving a package of services, that includes flights and accommodation.



Tips, as   to save money on accommodation

- Online sites offer to accommodate last-minute discounts on hotel rooms worldwide.

- Instead of, to stay in a hotel, save money, removing the fully equipped holiday home, apartment or flat in destination – especially for long holiday.

- Usually there are offered weekly discounts for accommodation and in some cases, than the more time you stay, the more money you will save through such discounts, than if you had "jumped" daily from the hotel to the hotel.

- It also means, that you can cook your own meals instead of, to eat in restaurants and cafes, and wash their own clothes, rather than spend money (and time) for laundries!

- Better yet, make a vacation home or go on a trip to the exchange of housing, After all, when you are away on a vacation to another destination of your accommodation can be free for another family from the city, where are you going to go! Type in any search phrase «Travel Exchange» and you will be presented with a list of sites, with the help of which you can implement this idea. Yes, and don't forget to tell us about it (sending email to: mike9854 doggy!



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