20 the best tips for travelers, Part 2

18 December, 2013


Советы путешественникам.

This is a continuation of an article about useful advice from Skyscanner. The beginning read here.


5. Pre book your place in a waiting room at an airport

If you are flying on long-haul flights then, pre-book a seat in the airport lounge. I'll have to pay in advance, but it provides a quiet environment with free drinks, Food, Logs, Newspapers, WiFi, etc.. When you leave the salon, Take some big bottles of water. It is a cost effective and relaxing way to start your journey.

6. Never exchange money at

Instead,, go shopping around to find the best prices. Find credit / debit card, which are not charged for purchases abroad, and no more messing around with Traveller's cheques.

7. Always travel in a hoodie with the hood

The fat will not let you freeze on the plane.

They, It's possible, became the uniform of unruly teens, But the hooded sweatshirt is great tourist clothing. Just put your hood and separate from the world of noise and light, When you want to sleep on the flight / on a seat at the airport / in bus.



The fat will not let you freeze on the plane.

8. Roll clothes when packing in travel bag

After that, How do you turn it, You'll be surprised, Why have you never done this before.

9. Select Asian-vegetarian option of eating in flight

You accumulate, faster, than anyone, you will avoid all, too greasy and heavy for the stomach (supposedly helps to Biorhythm) and I am convinced, that the more nishevoe dish, It is much better quality, because they are made in small batches.


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