20 the best tips for travelers, Part 2

18 December, 2013


Советы путешественникам.

This is a continuation of an article about useful advice from Skyscanner. The beginning read здесь.


5. Pre book your place in a waiting room at an airport

Если вы летите на дальнемагистральных рейсах то, предварительно забронируйте для себя место в зале ожидания аэропорта. Придется оплатить заранее, но это обеспечивает тихую среду с бесплатными напитками, едой, журналами, газетами, WiFi и т.д. Когда вы покидаете салон, возьмите несколько больших бутылок с водой. It is a cost effective and relaxing way to start your journey.

6. Never exchange money at

Instead,, go shopping around to find the best prices. Find credit / debit card, which are not charged for purchases abroad, and no more messing around with Traveller's cheques.

7. Always travel in a hoodie with the hood

Толстовка не даст вам замерзнуть в самолете.

They, It's possible, стали униформой недисциплинированных подростков, но толстовка с капюшоном это отличная туристическая одежда. Just put your hood and separate from the world of noise and light, When you want to sleep on the flight / on a seat at the airport / in bus.



Толстовка не даст вам замерзнуть в самолете.

8. Roll clothes when packing in travel bag

After that, How do you turn it, You'll be surprised, Why have you never done this before.

9. Select Asian-vegetarian option of eating in flight

You accumulate, faster, than anyone, you will avoid all, too greasy and heavy for the stomach (supposedly helps to Biorhythm) and I am convinced, that the more nishevoe dish, It is much better quality, because they are made in small batches.


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