The golden rules of conduct for tourists during the flight, Part 2

21 Февраль, 2014


Эрика Голден, the editor of the website the golden rules of travelers. Photo: Эрика Голден.Erica Golden

The editor of the website "golden rules of travelers» Erica Golden, continues to give tips on how to properly behave decent tourists in plane, to avoid causing a negative reaction from others and not to spoil anyone's mood. Start of article here.

Rule # 2: Sitting in the middle seat gets the armrests in addition to place.

And here's the, today, I'm stuck in this "terrible" average seat. Man, sitting by the window closed in itself. He had not even read the magazine or something else, that always makes me nervous. I linked this behavior, either with a bad mood or, Vice versa, He had a super attitude! Maybe he was a Buddhist and Zen master?

Man, who sat on the ground at passage, Vice versa, allow yourself to do too many things, including:



• kovyrjalsja in the nose (and so, as if he worked a kind of fruit plantation collector);

• Turning the pages (not normal flipping through, but flipping through so, as if this Olympic sport);

• sprinkled me dandruff (He constantly touched me head, even kovyrjajas in the nose, using the opposite hand);

• held the armrest with my hand.

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