Guide for travelling to Cuba

22 February, 2014


A fresco depicting the Cuban flag and the revolutionary Che Guevara.

This could be the stop-overs of Fellini: children playing ball in the street, women in curlers hang laundry on balconies or join the queue, in the Department store, men do something under the car kapotami.


Only this is not footage from the movie, a Havana, 2012: Cars – classic American hippos from the 50s; all store shelves are completely empty, and a riotous mixture of soundtrack, mixed of classical music, salsa and rumba permeates every aspect of daily life. Nowhere else on this planet is there a place like Cuba..

After the more, than 50 years ago, Revolution – it's economically poor, but with a rich culture, noticeably disintegrating, but a proud country.
It's also a country., on the verge of change, the inevitability of globalization is manifested in concern for their youth, who dreams of European discos or a new life in Miami.

It is these paradoxes that, which make Cuba such an intriguing destination, lure romantics here, history buffs and those, who are looking for a unique travel experience.



For Russians, a good option to go to the country are vouchers to Cuba. And for Australians, it's a little more complicated., but also everything is solvable (cm. tips below).

But take note – Cuba is not for the faint of heart, with its contradictions, misinformation and primitive infrastructure all make self-travel a real problem..

It is not surprising, that most tourists decide to attend only excursions – it's much easier, than any other business with inevitable problems.

But for those, who is stubbornly going to travel alone, here are some simple tips, Survival:

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