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14 February, 2010




The development of air transport in Australia has helped to establish communication with the outside world and within the country. On domestic routes passenger transport are mainly provided by the airlines' Kuontas "and" Ansett ".

For decades, the principle of the two airlines was carried out by the federal government, and one of them ("Ansett") a private, and the other ("Transostrelien Airlines" or "Ostrelien Airlines") - State. Besides, engaged in international transportation public company "Kuontas".

In 1990 the company "Kuontas" and "Ostrelien Airlines' merged, the combined company "Kuontas" was privatized and is now serving and internal, and international flights. Besides, "Ansett" also began to serve international flights. Internal lines are now open to competition, but none of the smaller companies can not compete with "Kuontas" and "Ansett".

In December 1996 from airports in Australia performed 54 international flights. During this year, the total passenger traffic of international airports in Australia exceeded 13,3 Million. person, with nearly half of its fall to the share Sydney Airport. 29% passenger traffic on domestic routes, too, had a share of the airport and 24% accounting Melbourne Airport.

In Australia, there are only 428 is licensed locations for the reception and departure of aircraft - from major international airports to runways, Serving sheep ranch.

Due to air transport, even in sparsely populated areas of the vast country regularly delivered mail, Fresh fruit and vegetables, been established as well as ambulance. Aircraft are also used for planting seeds, fertilizer on pastures and transport a wide variety of goods.

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