Guide to Japan from "Lonely Planet": Onsen, Food and temples

22 Май, 2014


Bathing in Onsen in Japan. Photos: "Lonely Planet / Lonely Planet ".


Being at the far eastern end of the Silk Road and absorbing influences from all over the continent, the Japanese for several millennia have made cultural gifts of Asia, to create something distinctly Japanese. From the splendour of dance Kyoto Geisha to the mysterious beauty of garden stones Zen, Japan can Captivate even the most run-of-the-mill traveller. And traditional culture is only half the story, coming on the Shibuya Station in Tokyo, absorbing energy, the lights and sounds of the city, You seem to go out of time capsules in the future world.

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Начиная с иезуитов, впервые посетивших Японию в 17 century, все путешественники в этой стране оказываются в полном в восторге от культуры, которая одновременно красивая, непостижимая и совершенно странная. Пребывание в рёкан (традиционная японская гостиница) совершенно отличается от отдыха в отеле. Judge for yourself, сидеть в халате на татами (тканое покрытие пола) and eat raw fish and vegetables – probably, It is not so, How do you habitually dine at home. And getting naked with a bunch of strangers, to immerse yourself in the Onsen (Hot Springs) It may seem strange at first glance, but give it a try and you will find, that it relaxes and regenerates fine.


Special taste lovely Japanese cuisine at its home ground is another reason to visit the country, и вы можете легко построить маршрут передвигаясь от мест с региональной кухней к высоким ресторанам. Используйте только один прием пищи во время путешествия в Токио в суши-ресторане, and you will see, all the worldliness of the European culture of food. The Japanese attention to detail, brilliant serving and insistence on select products leads to the food culture, that can change your idea of what, that is possible at all to the culinary scene.

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