Секретный город с одними из лучших условий проживания в стране

8 Декабрь, 2015


Номер в отеле Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat.

Room at the Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat - looks fine!

An Australian town with a big secret is a tiny town, which few have even heard of, and yet it's he's been called a place, that   like most Australians.

«We always find time on The Narrows, and we try to arrange our affairs in this way, to make a trip there be a highlight of the year in our lives. Hotel rooms are simply luxurious, and we don't want to change them for anything else, while in Montville. Upon arrival, our fridge is really generously stuffed with delicious local good quality foods, which is enough for the duration of our stay».

The lawn in front of the Quillley Spicer hotel in Montville.

Located deep in the Sunshine Coast, Montville was originally mainly engaged in logging, and then agricultural production, and became known as a popular tourist metropolis in the early 1900s. But nowadays it is almost completely reoriented on tourism and trade.

In second place in the list of the most popular destinations for accommodation in Australia was the Stanley in Tasmania with 88.36 Points, followed by Rothbury in New South Wales, in the Valley of the Hunters.

Кафе-бар и ресторан Edge, в Монтвилле.


1 Montville (Квинсленд) 88.78

2 Stanley (Tasmania) 88.36

3 Rothbury (New South Wales) 88.13



4 McLaren Vale (South Australia) 88.11

5 Marysville (Victoria) 87.69

6 Stanthorpe (Квинсленд) 87.57

7 Yallingup (Western Australia) 87.45

8 Beechworth (Victoria) 87.35

9 Maleny (Квинсленд) 87.28

10 Daintree (Квинсленд) 87.15

Отель Spicers Clovelly Estate в Монтвилле

Spicers Clovelly Estate in Montville.

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