For how much you can buy a house or apartment in Asia

10 October, 2022


Recently, the trend of emigration is growing more actively. Most people prefer to emigrate to Asia because of the simplicity of this action.. After all, the West is increasingly introducing new and new bans and in any other way complicating entry into the countries of the European Union and the United States., citizens of the Russian Federation. Therefore, it will be very appropriate to talk about the cost of buying real estate for housing in Asian countries..

1. U.A.E

The United Arab Emirates is better known to Russians as a country for tourism and recreation in comfortable resorts with beaches under the scorching sun.. Some even call this country an "earthly paradise.". And only a few people know, what is really hidden behind the screen of luxury villas, hotels and skyscrapers and how for some half a century this country of camel drivers and pearl catchers has become the richest country in Asia, managing gigantic resources.

About this and much more it is worth learning more about, who intends to invest their money in the purchase of real estate in the UAE. For example, do you know the answers to questions such as:
- Why the Saudi prince banned US President Biden and a number of citizens of this country from entering the country?
- Who builds castles from manure and straw?
- Why and why artificial islands are being built in the Emirates?
- And why the location of infrastructure facilities in the UAE strongly resembles a chip?

Property prices in Dubai vary greatly, but basically it is clear that buying property in this country – it's an activity for wealthier citizens. There, to feel comfortable you will have to spend more 1000000$. If you have such resources and are determined to buy a house in the UAE, then we recommend contacting the leader of the real estate market in Russia, Company «Floors»:

2. Thailand



Thailand in general – it's already a more immigrant-oriented state, the market of which is able to provide real estate for the majority of Russian tourists. To feel to put it mildly, very good, it will be enough to spend about 100 Thd. USD. For such money you can provide your own villa with a swimming pool and sea views.. It's all in an area called Phuket.


On average, a more or less budget option will cost the amount of 400000 — up to 1 million dollars. This is if we are talking about prestigious central areas, in which there is no shame to settle. It is clear that the prices are cosmic for most citizens., therefore, if we talk about truly budget options, then there prices start from one hundred thousand and rarely cross the border of three hundred.

4. Turkey

In Turkey, a huge number of offers for the sale of real estate, not exceeding in the amount of one hundred thousand. So, in general, we can say that moving to Turkey is the most accessible to almost every citizen of the Russian Federation.. Moreover, Turkey's policy is also favorably disposed towards Russia.

5. Israel

Moving to Israel will be somewhat difficult, however, prices there are also very democratic - no more than 150 Thd.

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