What is usually covered in the courses? «1With: Document»?

8 Октябрь, 2023


System «1With: Document» Designed to automate work with documents at the enterprise. It allows you to efficiently organize document flow, reduce labor costs and increase performance discipline. What they can learn?

From study to functionality to working with contracts

The functionality of the latest version of the program is discussed in detail «1With: Document» (At the moment – 8.3), designed for the complex organization of work with documents in the organization.

Students of the course will learn how to perform various operations: Register Inbox, Outgoing and internal documents, control their movement through the processing stages, Reconciliation, Approval and Execution.

A separate section is devoted to setting up typical workflow business processes – Agreement, For example, if you want to, Instructions, Execution control. Different types of tasks are considered, Document Routing, Artist notifications.



Another important topic of the course – organization of an electronic archive of documents, Maintaining the nomenclature of cases, Transfer of files to the archive.

The contract management module is also being studied, allowing you to automate work with contracts at all stages – From creation and approval to execution control and closure.

At the end of the course, students will gain practical skills, allowing you to effectively use «1With: Document» to automate document flow in the organization.

Thus, During the course, students receive up-to-date knowledge and skills in configuring and practical application of the program «1With: Document» to automate work with documents.

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