Koktebel, Alushta, Kerch and Evpatoria – Advantages of relaxation

12 Сентябрь, 2022


Have you often been to Crimea?? Rest in the Crimea is always liked by tourists, after all, each resort is not like the neighboring. The number of resorts here is off the scale, from the largest to the smallest. Everyone has their own charm. Before traveling to Crimea, think about it, what you would like to get from your holiday.


Turn your attention to Feodosia, in Feodosia, rest is associated with the restoration of vitality and recovery. Numerous mineral springs contribute to the treatment. The climate of Feodosia also has a beneficial effect on the body. In Feodosia, rest will fly by unnoticed – this is always the case with a quality rest.



In 20 kilometers from Feodosia is the village of Koktebel - the best choice for wine tourism. The products of the local winery will not let you get bored – you won't find such an abundance of stamps anywhere else.! The village is waiting for you on the Black Sea coast, among the beautiful mountain peaks, at the foot of the delightful extinct volcano Kara-Dag. Rest in Koktebel will leave you with the best memories – as an aftertaste of a good wine.


Meet – this is Alushta, a small town of Crimea. The climate in Alushta is mild, warm – thanks for this good location, when high cliffs protect the resort from the north winds. You will not see Morozov here even in winter. For treatment, this climate is most suitable. That is why there are so many sanatoriums in Alushta, known far beyond its borders. So, We advise you to pay attention to a hotel with European-level service and comfortable rooms. Boat trips In Alushta in honor, as well as riding horses.


The famous city of Kerch is located on the coast of the Kerch Strait, which connects the Black sea and the Sea of Azov. In Kerch, rest is difficult to imagine without excursions – so many monuments of antiquity and the Middle Ages. During the rest in Kerch, it is customary to think about health - there are many sanatoriums here., where your vitality will return to normal. Medical equipment is the most modern and efficient. Around the city are waiting for vacationers mud lakes with healing mud. Magnificent beaches await vacationers in 30 minutes drive from the city. Golden beaches on the shores of the Sea of Azov will give you a lot of pleasant hours.


Yevpatoria resort is the oldest Crimean city. There is no exotic nature here, fabulous mountain peaks. Here they attract tourists not by this, and an excellent spa treatment, including children's. People also come for treatment from abroad. There is a lot of sun in Evpatoria, and great beaches. The local climate is perfect for general wellness, and mineral springs and healing mud will help to rejuvenate.

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