Австралийский город с большим секретом

25 November, 2015


Вид на дома в Монтвилл, Квинсленд

Look for houses in Montvill, Квинсленд

On this tiny little town who heard outside of Queensland, still, he was named the place with the best reputation online for properties in Australia.

The charming historic town of Montville, located on the Sunshine Coast, in 90 km north of Brisbane, topped the list of destinations with the best conditions of placement, rated 88,78 points for 2015, published on the website of a very popular search engine aggregator Trivago hotels».

The ranking is based on the average estimates of users and profiles, based on data from more than 250 booking sites. Directions, participating in the ranking should have had more 1000 reviews and more 12 booking providers.

Монтвилль - лучшее место для размещения в Австралии

Tourists love to walk around Montville. Фото: Tourism in queensland

Near Montville is his twin town maleini, which is more focused on trade, in accordance with the sunshine Coast region concept, focus on domestic tourism. There are shops in the city, offering almost all of them: Indian fabrics, up to the cuckoo clock. It's also a place, where local designers offer their unique clothing models.



Comments, the city's visitors are extremely positive. They describe the placement in Montville with such epithets, As «secluded and romantic», «Outstanding Service» and «fair price».

Some travelers also commented on Montvillja hotels, as offering a wonderful breakfast.
The most frequently mentioned feedback Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat – an upscale hotel, located approximately 4 km from downtown Montville. One tripadvisor user writes, что они «как обычно, had a great time».

«My husband and I go to the Narrows every year for the past 10 years and is currently booked four nights with a group of friends», «Panda» 882001 writes from Brisbane.

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