What service is lacking at airports

2 Декабрь, 2013


"Slipbox" At the airport.

Company survey was conducted, which involved more than ten thousand traveling tourists from various countries and cities around the world. The purpose of the survey was to find out, what kind of service services are very lacking airports in terms of waiting passengers.

As it turned out, more tourists would prefer to visit the cinema. Almost fifty percent of all tourists surveyed chose this option. And, curiously enough, The biggest fans of movies and cinemas were Russians. Among all Russian tourists surveyed, three-quarters would prefer this option while waiting for a flight.

Besides, more than a third of respondents would prefer to take a nap right at the airport. The number of voters is 36 Percent. However, this service is already available at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. There's a specially designed for such moments of "slipboksah" you can have a good night's rest, and maybe watch some tv and even take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. Of course, This service is not free. For comfort and convenience in anticipation of their flight must be paid not less than ten dollars per hour. Good, but not a cheap alternative to hotel.



Oddly enough for our days of the latest technology and all kinds of electronics, in third place in the list of desired services worth library. Despite that, that almost every second person has a smartphone and tablet, well or e-book, where there is always a quick and convenient opportunity to download and read books, superseded publications is not yet fully. The idea of the existence of the airport of this library is very interesting for tourists travelling.

Thus, you can show the statistics of the most popular desirable additional services at the airport:

1. In the first place all the same cinema;
2. In second place is a place to sleep;
3. The library is also a very popular supplementary service;
4. Availability of Park for relaxation took thirty-two percent of those surveyed tourists;
5. Shower cubicle very useful service and thirty per cent voted in favour of the respondents;
6. We should not forget about the children. It is thus thought those voted, who chose as an option of additional services at a children's play area;
7. The existence of a pool of twenty per cent of the respondents, it has become necessary to, While the presence of gym, apparently, To do so, to some exercise in anticipation of flight-fifteen percent.

This is also interesting:



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