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27 July, 2018


Today quite many young people can be seen in the hands of an interesting and very easy to management device – portable speaker systems.

The key feature of this device is its free movement, Thanks to its small size. This kind of acoustics can be taken with you on nature, If you want to spend fun time with friends, carry with him in the car, wear on the street and other places. This portable column easily connects to a mobile phone, where you store your music, and makes it possible to listen to it on the desired volume level for any amount of time.

This is the sound, going from this column, will always be clean and quality, almost a little than it would differ from the force of sound, coming from the normal fixed columns.

By the way, When you select them, you will immediately pay your attention to the original appearance of these columns. You can easily acquire for yourself a portable column, which outwardly repeats the jar with drink «Pepsi» or similar to jar with your favorite beer, Today you can find in shops portable acoustic devices in the form of soft toys, that very love the children.

However,, to get your hands on a really cool device, still not worth it to hurry up with its purchase. Ideally,, you first want to review other users on those models of portable speakers, what most of you are interested in. Having familiarized with their main quality characteristics, you just make your final choice in favor of the device, most of its technical parameters you.

We recommend you to pay attention to the acoustics firm AirMusic portable, the pro model which explained in detail in this video: = h4UxQP19Sog

The most compact model of this brand AirMusic Cap has two speaker 3,5 W, located under 180 ⁰ and executed in 4-colour schemes: hacks, Black, Blue and Red. Column is protected from splashing water. Sound this model, given its size and cost – quite a decent: There are low, mid and high frequencies, is that power to someone may seem small. Built-in rechargeable battery lets you not only play music within 6 Hours, But even recharge your smart phone.

Model Ledujushhaja-AirMusic Flip. This column is different from the model of speaker power-Cap, too, two, but on 4 W each and a bit more elongated shell with the same diameter. Time it work offline-hours.

Go2 AirMusic model different flat housing and two speakers on 6W and battery life 8 Hours.

Total power 2-and-buffer 25 Watts, a very good balanced sound. Design model really resembles a small bomb.

According to experienced audiophiles models of this brand are a copy of the popular brand JBL, but at a much lower cost.

If you want to, It will always be able to find large stores of acoustics speakers with already embedded in them player. Thus, you no longer will need to connect your laptop to the portable device, Tablet or phone when you need to play music.

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