Hurry up to visit this little-known resort in the north of New South Wales, until it became a Mecca of beach tourism, Ч3

6 Февраль, 2022


Catching Up, you will find us at the Kadrens Irs Brevli brewery for evening gatherings, where this business is based on cooperation with local suppliers and the use of, what is at hand, to cook your ale.

And also in Kajen those, who once brushed off Tweed (including me), can be found in Bucolic Farm & Co, enjoying coffee, picking sunflowers and meeting a vegan pig.

Attracting day-trippers south of the Gold Coast and Brisbane and even north of restaurant-spoiled Byron, food and beverage business, no doubt, is on the rise, but that's not the only reason, why people are delighted with their new discovery of Tweed. Its beauty from the mountains to the sea makes it a region of stunning natural riches., and there's still that intangible element here., which neighboring counties have long lost – it's silence.

Women go for morning surfing at Cabarita Beach. Photo: Tom Park

Local photographer Vanessa Brown loves deserted beaches and daylight in the hinterland. After spending more than a decade in Sydney as a Medical Research Fellow, Vanessa moved to Tweed 13 years ago.

Returning to Cabarita with her husband and three children, she soon discovered not only a new love for the area., but also a passion for photography. Her stunning drone shots of Tweed reveal a landscape of crystal clear waters., invading sea-eaten rocks, and homogeneous disorder of coastal shrubs, dissected paths with white sand.

Her city friends mourned her move., but Vanessa does not regret her drastic change. Even though, that finding parking on this now famous beach has become a little more difficult these days.

"When we first arrived, in Cabaret, there wasn't even a coffee shop.. You had to get in the car and drive almost everywhere.", She says of the changes., caused by a new wave of tourism.



"But even now I take my dog out for a walk on the beach and I don't see other people.. So, which still isn't exactly that bad.", She says..

For Devlin, Husband vanessa, never questioned, will Tweed become a place of mass tourism.

"When one place becomes too popular or expensive, you see a ripple effect in neighboring areas. Cities outside of Byron feel it. But there is no competition here.", He says..

Luxury Hideway glamping at Cabarita Beach. Photo: Paul Bamford

Already now it seems, that the region has learned something about sustainable tourism.

Tweed is in no hurry to change his barefoot, friendly festive atmosphere, despite the undeniable newfound swagger. Amusingly, how time changes perception.

All that, what I thought was dull in this county in my youth – endless greenery, quiet beaches, takeaway eateries with sun-faded ice cream signs – now I like it.

So come and enjoy this hot tourist spot made so by its new brilliance., but also appreciate it for that, that she is exactly that, what neighboring regions are not.

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