Private Australian Island cost 2000 USD per night, Ч2

23 August, 2019


This island, located near the island of Tasmania, is one of the best secrets of Australia because, What is this- private ownership and their need to rent a whole.

This is one of the last stops before Antarctica.

The landlord's policy is, that gives you an exclusive, private access to the island, and the local caretaker behaves very restrained, even if you need anything.

Guests can stay in a luxurious three-bedroom summer house or in the bath, where they can admire the sea and all, What strikes their imagination directly lying on bed. There is also a fully equipped tent overlooking rocks, as another option for sleep.

There are delicacies in the pantry and endless reserves of wild Tasmanian oysters, considered among the best in the world. (And that perfectly blended with whiskey – more on this later.) In the garden grown herbs, There is also a chicken coop, that gives just derived eggs for breakfast.



Sea urchins, abalone and mussels you can pull straight out of the water.

With any part of the island offers stunning views.

This is a great place, getting lost and completely retreat from the world.

Summer house.

Bedroom inside the boathouse.

The island also provides various equipment to ensure, to take guests: from kayak and sup boards for rowing, to fishing gear and mats for yoga.

But one of the best things, that you can do on the island-satellite, It's just wander on it. And when you pay for the whole island, you will want to explore every nook and cranny of this place.

There are shingle beaches and blue forest gummistye, open meadows and winding paths along a rocky cliff, leading to all sorts of secret places. This stretch of desert Tasmanian, and everything just for you!

End: Satellite Island – This private OASIS, Ч3
Start: Why this island off the coast of Tasmania is one of the most exclusive places in Australia




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