The only thing you won't find on the resort – It's tourists

21 Август, 2014


Exclusive Resort Elandra Mission Beach / Elandra Mission Beach is the perfect place, to rest and do nothing.

It's safe to say, what to get here, it's a huge luck. But it's worth it., because this little piece of paradise offers something, that may not many other resorts.


Actually a trip to this place is worth your money, as I soon discovered, after arriving in Mission Beach, Elandra.

Relaxing and drinking a glass of champagne with delicious seafood, admiring the incredible view of the pool, I could now say with certainty, that the trip here was worth it.

One of the best and one-of-a-kind Australian luxury resort really is a small piece of paradise on the coast of Cassovea / Cassowary in north queensland, named after famous and endangered birds, which can be seen here.

Cocktail wish?

You can enjoy the beauty of incredible wildlife here, but there's one thing, that you won't see here are crowds of tourists.






Owners Katrina Knowles and Adam Carras recreated Elanda as an exclusive private resort, and this means, that all around pretty much just your.

Originally Elandra, located on the Coral Sea coast in the middle of a lush rainforest has been discovered in 2008 singer of the year, actress and model Grace Jones.

Enjoy the sunset and enjoy the views of the Coral Coast, great barrier Reef.

Not only that., that happy guests are treated to complete privacy and privacy, but they also get spectacular views of the Great Barrier Reef and Dunk Island / Dunk Island.


The resort's tropical gardens are available 40 rooms, connected by boardwalks.

During my visit to the resort, Chef Maestro Miguel provided the opportunity to enjoy typically Spanish dishes of fresh seafood, caught in north-east queensland.

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