Why this island off the coast of Tasmania is one of the most exclusive places in Australia

21 Август, 2019


Satellite Island, Tasmania. Фото: Adam Gibson

This island, located near the island of Tasmania, is one of the most well-kept secrets of Australia, because it's too private, so you can just so go and visit his.

Recently on the site of the Trip Adviser were declared the best beaches in Australia 2018 year, and a strange little island in Queensland took first place.

It is an island, on which the majority of Australians did not even heard. And that's fine for those, who will surely want to visit it.

Directly off the southern coast of Tasmania and a little further to the North, the more famous Bruny island, is Island Satellite – small, with stunning beauty plot winds in the channel d & #8217; Jentrekasto.

In the island area 34 hectare is not so much sushi, Here are just a luxury Summerhouse on the Hill, Yes cute boathouse on the pier, but from the fauna there are only a few of the local deer and a pair of rare belogrudyh sea eagles.



But Satellite island is one of the most carefully guarded secrets of Australia and spot, that has become a cult classic among travelers because of its incredible exclusivity.

All this because, private island owners rent housing only to those visitors, who book everything. Not just a place to sleep, While the whole island is entirely.

Journalist Lauren MakMa from Australia was given a rare chance to visit the island by seaplane from Hobart Satellite together with a team of brand whisky Talisker, who believes, the home of whisky on the Isle of Skye – right on the northern tip of Scotland – has a kindred spirit in a satellite – the island at the southern tip of Tasmania.

Both islands wild, remote and cut off sea. But unlike the Isle of Skye, on the island of Satellite (usually) There is no place for day trips.

Accommodation on the island for stays of a minimum two-night stay will cost two guests 1950 долларов за ночь. Each extra person pays 300 долларов за ночь.USD per night

Extension: Private Australian Island cost 2000 USD per night, Ч2




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