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26 January, 2021


If the Grand Canyon was on your travel list, you have nothing to lose, by exchanging it for impressions of Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory. Photo: Tourism Australia

Let's face it., it's going to take a long time, before we can safely travel to the U.S.. And if the Grand Canyon was on your travel list, you won't miss it, exchanging it for impressions of Kings Canyon Northern Territory. As in the U.S., you can see the 300-meter sandstone walls, walking along the edge of Kings Canyon, or on top of the helicopter. Visit kings canyon, A three-hour drive from Uluru is often part of a holiday during a holiday at the Red Centre.

"In these times, COVID Kings Canyon is an excellent alternative to frequented tourist destinations and is considered a kind of hidden gem in the rich tapestries of the beautiful Northern Territory of Australia", – said Kings Creek Resort CEO Tony McFadzin.

Adrenaline lovers can go to the Blue Mountains, to climb and climb.



Go beyond a day trip: stop at Kings Creek Station's livestock farm 35 km from the hotel or at The Kings Canyon Resort in 10 km from the hotel.

Offer : Unite Alice Springs, Uluru and Kings Canyon on a one-day holiday for the price of 899 United States dollars, But the cost 1977 U.S. dollars per trip in the period 1 January by 28 February 2021 year. The plane ride includes an overnight stay at the Kings Canyon Resort.

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