3 reasons to visit South Australia: Amazing Barossa Valley

30 March, 2014


The stunning beauty of Barossa Valley, South Australia.

For those who want to experience the exciting, and surprisingly unbanal sensations, recommend you take to the air in a balloon, or enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Barossa Valley with helicopter-you catch breath from what you see!

Kitty Spraj of the company Guide how to pass the time " / Whileaway Guides says, that gnocchi Nonna and sparkling Shiraz from the wine cellar manager Lou Miranda Estate with five-star rating is a great way to start your day. Just sit outside and enjoy the beautiful views, sipping wine and nibbling on Fed dish, and you don't want to crave something more. Romance is everywhere.

«In March and April you'll enjoy ongoing here Wine Festival Barros – It's nine days of cheerful performances and entertainment, including scarecrows competitions», Spraj said.

«Or visit Week Gourmet Barros in August, When live music, delicious food and wine is celebrated by all, who have been in this place.

Be sure to visit the Pavilions of the Barossa in Lindoh, species which are the hallmark of the Valley, and in the Manor of Jacobs Creek in Tananda you'll forever fascinated by the atmosphere of this part of the country».

Onkaparinga route Scenic Drive major attraction is the magnificent Adelaide Hills village / Adelaide Hills, do not leave indifferent any trips by traveler.



«After a couple of hundred metres from the first stop Balhannah, not slip past the village Bazaar Olde Apple Shed», Spraj said.

«You will find yourself in a barn with lots of wooden shelves, that just break from juices, Home baking, cakes and Cupcakes and lined up rows of bags with fresh apples».

She said, that back in town, stay in a small hotel in this secluded location and order a massage – a wonderful way to relax after all your driving, While on vacation.

«Winter outdoor fireplaces fire warms the cozy rooms,» She says.

«If you like local art products, can watch artists at work in the Gallery Ethos, and near the town, is the chocolate factory Melba, which is engaged in manufacture of sweets for over 30 Years».

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