Рождество и Новый Год в Испании

28 March, 2014


Рождество в Барселоне, Испания.

Holidays in Spain are best for those tourists, who are looking for opportunities to bask in the Sun, swim in the sea and discover the culture of another people, which, You can confidently talk about it, will differ from other. This country is full of surprises and surprises. Here love the holidays and know their mark.

For European residents of the importance of such events calendar, as Christmas and new year. In Italy they also appreciate and be sure to note.

Italians Christmas is a quiet family holiday. On the eve of the   always occur kilometers of traffic jams — all eager to get home that day. In addition to the traditional Spanish dishes on the holiday table, you can find special Christmas goodies-polvorón on its and Turon. Before they can buy just before the holiday, now, if you want, you can find them in the store at any time of the year.



Polvorón on its – This shortbread cookies, that is cooked with nuts. About   in Andalusia 70 plants produce the sweets, that is a large part of the total in the country. Cookie name stuck and in former Spanish colonies-the Philippines and Latin America. Residents of these countries also do not think a celebratory table without nut-Shortcake goodies.

Turon is a delicacy, prepared by special technology. It involves the thermal processing of honey. Add sugar in honey, peeled almonds and egg whites. Without these sweets Italians can't imagine Christmas.

Before the celebration on the streets of Italian cities pass Christmas markets. Here you can find everything from products for the Christmas table and ending with giveaways and theme   figurines. In this period the streets sold hot chestnuts. They are cooked on the grill. So right before your eyes you will cook serving hot chestnuts, eating that you will have new powers to further a walk.

As for the new year, The 31 December each Spaniard expects to see at home Dad Noel, who is the brother of Santa Claus. Far not every home you see Christmas tree, which in this country is usually called "Christmas tree". It is not a required attribute for the holiday. And here are the figures of Pope Noel, that climbs a ladder, Here are ubiquitous.

There are in Spain another Christmas tradition, which strives to fulfill every Spaniard. Under the peal of bells need to have time to eat 12 grapes, When you do this, make a wish. Try it and you, but do not forget to think of their own desire, that will certainly come true.

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