3 причины посетить потрясающую Южную Австралию: В Кубер Педи и к озеру Эйр

8 April, 2014


Scenic Hills / Painted Hills Desert

«Visit Coober Pedi on the four bus, and you get there during the day – You will pass more 600 km, and deliver mail to the abandoned cities and outlying cattle stations», Press Secretary of the tourist company "Driving in Australia».

«In Coober Pedi, take a tour of the company "Dirty Digs Opal", to learn more about the communication of the city with the production of Opal, as well as take flight over the famous picturesque hills / Painted Hills and consider opportunities to travel in the direction of William Creek – one of the smallest cities in Australia, Here is the sign William Creek Hotel. This is the perfect stopping point, If you are going to go on at Lake Eyre (more we already wrote in This article), Remote Salt Lake, which attracts a lot of tourists and researchers during the period, When there are a lot of different species of birds flock».

One of the most famous sparsely populated Outback routes to Australia is the independent travel by car from Adelaide to Perth, on a huge, almost treeless Nullarbor plain. Along the route there are desert country, strange rock formations and fascinating ancient (by the standards of the country) City Goldfilda, such as Kalgoorlie, with its historic buildings and character pubs. It's a real Australian Outback adventure, one from the list of mandatory for thrill seekers.


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