Sand dunes and salt lakes South Australia

31 March, 2014


Your adventure starts here.

Get off the beaten track, enjoy absolute solitude and taste the adventure, like nowhere else! But you need to plan your trip in advance.. Explore the remote country of Flinders, in which there are often extreme weather conditions.

You can travel on the Oodnadatta Track to the Tirari Desert / Tirari, with its salt lakes and sand dunes, or visit the bright red hills of Flinders Country. You can even see a rare breed of yellow-legged kangaroo and ancient Aboriginal art, to whom the area once belonged.

A journey to the other world of Flinders is a two-day car adventure, Filled 840 Kilometers, starting at Port Peary and leading north to Coober Pedy. It all ends in 300 km from Port Augusta, where you'll find the Bandalir National Forest Reserve along the way / Bundaleer Forest Reserve, The first choice for all hiking and cycling, A favorite place for all adrenaline and extreme seekers. Also, don't forget to visit the famous Wilpena Pound National Park / Wilpena Pound, with its natural amphitheater, found in Flinders.



To Port Augusta, Check your future itinerary with the information provided at the Wadlata Outback, which is positioned as an information center for visitors to the city. Near the city is the former Woomera landfill, which is a tourist attraction due to its past, When, during the Cold War, it was a shrouded place of mystery, used to launch long-range ballistic missiles and tactical-based missiles.

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