По мнению Мальколма Торнбулла финансирование государственных школ не должно исходить от государства …

6 May, 2016


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and member of Parliament, Fiona Scott in Western Sydney.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently raised the prospect of failure of the Federal Government of financing public education and as an extension of his proposal put forward the idea of function failure osudarstva on taxes for education.

For nationals this proposal could mean that, that they will pay for more $ 6 billion a year to pay bills of public education.

The Prime Minister stated, that State Governments should bear full responsibility for payments to public schools and themselves to charge citizens income tax, as well as the Commonwealth funded private education, like in Catholic schools.

«After this innovation States countries themselves would be responsible for public schools, which are their responsibility, and they will have all the necessary resources», He said in an interview with ABC Radio.



After such statements, opposition leader Bill Shorten accused Turnbull in incompetence and said, that the latter should not hold the post of Prime Minister.

«That, what Mr Turnbull has proposed to ensure that Australian children receive a decent education – absolutely and totally unacceptable», said Mr Shorten.

«Every Australian child should have the same chance to receive education at school, like any other child in the country, regardless of its origin, No matter what, where he lives, and regardless of, in what type of school it runs – State, private or Catholic».

Extension: Turnbull has been lobbying the idea of relinquishing funding public schools, Part 2 >>

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