Тур по Беларусии!

20 June, 2013


Tourism and recreation in Belarus is gaining huge popularity lately among people around the world. This is due to the tremendous development of this industry in the country.
Tourism in Belarus can be divided into several subspecies: agro-ecotourism, cognitive, transit, military-historical tourism.

Visiting Belarus can not only have a great rest, but also get a lot of new information for yourself. After all, two cultures have been united in Belarus since ancient times – East and West. Centuries culture evolved and became a distinctive and unique. An incredible amount of historical monuments – medieval palaces and temples, fortresses and towers. All unique architectural rarities allow, you will be immersed in the past. Everyone can take part in original rites and traditions. Feel like Gentry or raskolnikom – staroobrjadcem.

And of course going to Belarus, it is impossible not to visit its capital – Minsk.
During the trip to Belarus cannot stay without attention to the beauty of the Belarusian nature. Centuries-old forests and forests, rivers and lakes - all this accompanies everywhere, Wherever you go.



In the history of Belarus, unfortunately, set of black pages in history. It's war., that have occurred throughout the history of the country. The war left open wound on Earth Belarus. In every corner of the country has its fortress, monuments and stelae heroes all Warrior. It is impossible to remain indifferent on the ground, where thousands of people. Everyone is obliged to visit the memorial "Khatyn". It is a complex, created in memory of the Nazis burned villages throughout the country.

More recently, Belarus and boasts ski resorts. It's places like: Ski center "Silichi", sports complex "Logoisk", ski center "Solar Valley", park "Yakut mountains», Central «Raubichi». At affordable prices can get high quality active on the slopes, are not inferior to their qualities, world ski slopes.

In Belarus there are many places , visit where you can stay under the impression for life.

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