The World's Best Airports, where you can eat well

6 Октябрь, 2013


Copenhagen Airport has been named among the best airports for food and drink. Фото: Termie, Flickr

We all find ourselves at airports.


You kill time at the airport waiting for a flight or relatives vstrechjaja, friends or colleagues and decide anything intercepted from food, to, that is called "allay", However, Usually, At the airport you are served absolutely tasteless food.

Find great food while waiting for your plane, almost as difficult to, as   and being in the sky aboard an airliner.

But still there are few places in the world, where you can get a good meal.

The best airports in the world for food and drink were named in the statement of travel information by Moody's in its third annual survey rating the quality of the proposed airport food and beverage, as well as on the quality of visitor services, that has just been announced in Dubai.

Here are some of the winners:

• Best airport "where to go to eat»: International San Francisco  -tastes on the fly, Napa Farm Market

• The best airport bar: Gatwick Airport North Terminal - "Pink Sheep"



• Best casual restaurant Airport: London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 - Restaurant Group "Giraffe"

• Best Cafe: аэропорт Копенгагена – «Joe and the Juice»

• Best Airport for Customer Service:International Airport Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta , Зал Эф – ЭйджЭмСИ Хост

• Best Airport with dining under the direction of chef: аэропорт Копенгагена – SiSiPi, Le Sommelier

• Best fast food / fast-food restaurant: New York, JFK – SiSiPi America, "Snack Shack"

• Best Wine Bar Airport: Denver International Airport – ЭйджЭмСИ Хост, «СиАрЮ»


And what do you think is the best airport, where have you tried the most delicious food?

Tell us, writing a message via email or comments to this article.




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