Автопробег по бездорожью: дешевый отпуск, о котором австралийцы забывают: отель Мангеранни и станция Клейтон , ч3

23 October, 2017


Mungerannie hotel, who is the only one within a radius of 200 km, have a very peculiar sense of humor.

As soon as we prospalis after the huge amounts of alcohol, consumed at Birdsvill after races, It's time to climb further.

It's a long way to go, But if you manage to get to the hotel Mangeranni / Mungerannie, you will not be disappointed … because this place will take you to the next level of insanity.

Mungerannie hotel there are many weird and wonderful items, attached to the roof.

Mungerannie Hotel people remove their ponytail and tie them to the ceiling. As light fixtures hanging underwear. On the walls are lined with photos of skulls and emblem. You can lose hours, in search of fun pieces filling the Interior of the pub.

Pictures on the wall of the Mungerannie hotel, including a photo of Phil, which, no doubt, is hardcore, as well as the back of a woman with a tattoo of a Scorpion.

A great place to camp the first night – Clayton station. The real gem here is the outdoor hot tub, who eats artesian waters with "therapeutic effect". Several people from our Group climbed into the tub, equipped with local grey nomads, after which they, in the light of the stars, wiped out an impressive amount of Chardonnay. Their laughter was the only, that violated an incredible silence, This remote location.

Campers enjoy "Spa" at the station Clayton. Фото: Google



This brings me to another important thoughts: Camping people – the best people in the world. All, with whom we crossed paths on this trip, were so friendly and accommodating, for us, this trip was the most optimistic.

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