Port Noarlunga Beach, South Australia, ch8

12 Март, 2018


Порт Ноарлунга - идеальный семейный пляж.  Фото: Адам Брюзон / SATC
Port Noarlunga – the perfect family beach. Фото: Adam Brjuzon / SATC

WHY: Safe for bathing – due to its low usually waves and lack of breaks this former seaport turned into a water reserve, also great for scuba diving.



Port Noarlunga – one of my favorite beaches for kids», – says wildlife photographer and ocean Ryan Mcgrath. "This Wednesday for all – the river is great for fishing and kayaking, and the waves offer surfing the shallows right on the beach. In addition, here a great number of sandy coastal zones, ideal for families with young children ".

Tip of the day: If you arrive by car, Ryan advises to plan ahead: "Decide to parking, on which side of the beach, you're going to have a rest, because if you parked on the wrong side, you have to go across the river and then return».

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