Apollo Bay Beach, Victoria, ch7

27 February, 2018


In Apollo Bay. Photo source: IStock

WHY: located on the oceanfront in Oceania, Apollo Bay Beach has its attractions: natural coastal waters, in which you can swim, surf or ride kayaks, as well as sunbathe on the sandy beaches, ride into the sunset on horseback, and on weekends to visit the markets, filled with local crafts is an ideal place for summer holidays, says Peter Bingeman, ceo Visit Victoria».

"There are several idyllic places to visit», – he says. «Apollo Bay offers a relaxed atmosphere, fantastic seafood and an ideal base for exploring the impressive tropical forest in Otway region».



Tip of the day: "Try to come early, to peak summer season», – advises Peter. "And it is even better to come in cold months, When you can easily choose the best place to stay.
And if you're a fan of wine or beer, visit nearby wineries and beer factories in the region, to try local wines and oprozhnit more 100 beer mugs».

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