SMITH'S BEACH, Western Australia, ch11

19 March, 2018


WHY: "I love the beach Smith, and beaches in the Margaret River region in General, so it is for their turquoise crystal clear waters ", – says Managing Director of Tourism Australia John about & #8217; Sullivan. "And another for the fact, the local harsh landscapes, as if, just roll in waves of surf.



"The beach is best to visit in the afternoon, After the previous tasting and visits to local wineries in the region. Rocks, as it seems, change colour, water glitters, and on the beach you feel, that is all yours for miles and miles ".

Tip of the day: "It is worth to visit Verity Lamont, one of the best in the country, – said John. "Great coffee, excellent collection of wines and stunning takeaway ". John also recommends a beach Smith in November, When the annual Festival is held here at the river Gretmet / Gretmet River and Margaret / Margaret River. "This is one of the best events in the West and in Australia», – he says.

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