The best beaches in Australia and the world 2018 year version Trip Adviser

19 March, 2018


Manly Beach / Manly Beach was named the best beach in Australia. Фото: The Daily Telegraph

This beach in New South Wales outclassed its competitors from Queensland and was named the travelers the best coast of Australia. Respondents were site Trip Adviser named Manly Beach best beach in Australia.

A month ago it was announced, the popular beach of the peninsula for the first time, took the first place in our Trip Adviser 2018 in the category of Travelers Choice Awards.

Путешественники, who use the website TripAdvisor to plan and book their trips, voted as follows:: first place was taken by Manley, then Surfers Paradise Beach (second place) and the Postcard Beach (the third). Many beaches are the best in Australia. Фото: Rafal Kontrim

The only other beaches in New South Wales, included in the top-10 was a Bondi, who took the fifth place.



Mjenlijskij Member James Griffin said, that this award is well-deserved recognition for, What is now officially considered to be the best beach in Australia. "Manly love locals and visitors from around the world", – сказал он. Aerial view of the Manly Beach. Фото: Getty Images

"It is not surprising, that our beach is named the number one beach in the country thanks to the stunning coastline, bars and restaurants on the shore, scenic footpaths and direct ferry from Sydney's central business district ". Bondi Beach finished fifth. Фото: Bob Barker.

"Manly attracts around 2,3 million visitors each year and the beginning of the Festival of Sydney Vissla Surf Pro, which starts at the end of February of each year, ».

In the list of the best beaches in the world 2018 year, also published on the website of the Trip Adviser, Manly Beach takes 16 place.

Pretty strange fact looks the fact, that 14 a spot on this list is a British beach Bournemouth Beach, located in a rather cold waters of the English channel (La Manche), The Atlantic Ocean.

Extension: Best 10 the beaches of Australia and 20 the world in 2018 year version Trip Adviser




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