Ayutthaya-Thai gift of Kings

23 Май, 2014


Phra Nakhon SI Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Ayutthaya was founded in 1350 year and there was a considerable population. The city has experienced 30 Kings, all of which has left its mark in its arrangement. In 17 century in an era of prosperity, It was one of the greatest capitals in the world. Prior to its collapse, There were about 400 temples,   dozens of palaces, 17 fortresses, located, in strategically important areas, 100 the city gate and almost three million people. For its beauty, the Europeans have nicknamed the city "Venice of the East", With 50 km of channels, held on the streets of.

Ayutthaya is located in the central part of Thailand, approximately 80 kilometres north of Bangkok. The ancient settlement is surrounded by numerous rivers, Thanks to what is divided into two parts: inner city, located on the island and external, osedajushhij outside the historical part.



Currently, the historic capital of Thailand attracts many tourists with its ruins, demonstrating the former power of the Kingdom. The Red building in traditional style predstavljavljajut a magnificence of Khmer architectural style. Many of the ruins well preserved to our days.

Thais try to preserve their traditions and ancient customs  , especially they love celebrations. In a day of Ajutthae ancient city, which falls on December. The celebration lasts several days, where there are plenty of colourful festivals, for example festivals colors, Pineapple, Air snakes and other not less interesting events.

Such festivals in Thailand can be seen at any time of the year across the country. In every city there are places, worth seeing, touch relic, feel the significance and grandeur. The friendly smiling residents, the picturesque Island of the mysterious, fabulous flowers and amazing fruit, coral reefs, beautiful beaches, ancient Buddhist temples and beauty will accompany you everywhere and will leave an indelible mark in your soul.

Source: allcastle.info

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