Как много вы знаете об Австралии?

22 Октябрь, 2014



This town was once recognized as the richest in the world.

You think, that you all know about the vast land called Australia? Think again. Australia is full of unusual facts, that can surprise you. Here's 12 things, you need to know.

1. In Australia, about 75.5 Million. sheep and 60 millions of kangaroos. T. e.. sheep in 3,3 times more than people, living on this continent.

2. The largest property in Australia on the area more, than Israel. Anna Creek Station in South Australia occupies nearly 24 000 квадратных километров, that makes it the largest breeding farm in the world.

Cattle bathes in the Anna Creek Station.

3. Australians eat 270 Million. pies per year.

4. With 1828 along 1902 gg. It was illegal to swim on the beach during daytime, While the swimmer in Manly Beach not defied the law, paving the way to a beloved national pastime.

5. In Australia, the focus 20 per cent poker game machines in the world, but only 0,33 per cent of the world's population.



6. In 1880 Melbourne was one of the richest cities in the world in relation to its commercial exploitation of gold. The city was also the center of rich agricultural colony.

7. The Australian Football League / The AFL was originally founded as a way to save cricket in the off-season and now has become the largest national sport.

8. Australia extended a helping hand to Saudi Arabia, which currently imports the Australian camels for meat and milk production.

9. In Australia more than 10 000 beaches. To visit every day a new you need about 27 Years.

Пляж в Австралии.

Visiting Australian beaches can become your travel list.

10. The largest electorate in Australia is Durak / Durack in Western Australia. By area it covers almost 1,6 Million. квадратных километров, and in length equal to 2905 Kilometers, as the road from London to Istanbul.

11. Kangaroo and EMU were chosen for the Australian coat of arms, Since none of these animals cannot go backwards, symbolizing the nation, that moves forward only. Australia are also one of the few countries, that actually has its own coat of arms.

Герб Австралии.

The Australian coat of arms.

12. In 2010 televised debate on the choice of the Prime Minister of Australia between Gillard and Abbott had to be moved to make space for the finale of the hugely popular cooking reality show «Mastershef».

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