Australia's Foreign Policy and Defense Council

12 February, 2010


The Australian Government, though he did not have autonomy in foreign policy, showed a clear interest in the Pacific. Australian delegates defended their country's interests at the conference on colonies 1902 and at imperial conferences 1907 and 1911. In 1909 was established as High Commissioner for Australia in London.

Australia made no specific claims to an independent foreign policy, but wanted to convey their wishes to the British Government and obtain information about the policy of Great Britain. Australia has also expressed interest in national defence.

In 1905 the Defence Council was established, and federal law 1909 approved the principle of compulsory military training. A system of exchange of officers between the British Army and Australian formations was introduced.. Similar decisions have been taken with regard to the country's navy., which was created in 1909.



Between 1901 and 1914, Australia's population grew with 3,75 млн. almost to 5 млнMillionle. Economic development was strongly encouraged., and the government showed confidence in the future, taking out loans for public works, especially for the construction of railways, the network of which over the years has increased by 8 Thd. km. The number of enterprises and workers has increased. To 1914 trade unions of the country was a big part of the population, and, in this regard, Australia ahead of other countries.

The Federal Government has committed itself to addressing issues of immigration policy, formerly controlled by the United States. It encouraged immigration from the UK and has enacted laws to limit the influx of immigrants from Asia and the Pacific.

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