Australia during the Second World War

12 Февраль, 2010




During World War II, Australia joined forces with the UK. Australians participated in the defense of Africa and in the air 'Battle of Britain'. After the defeat of the British-Australian-novozelanskih troops in Greece and Crete in 1941 Australians began to demand greater autonomy of its contingent and refrain from participating in risky operations. So, at the critical moment of defense of Tobruk Australian troops were evacuated from the city.

After the entry of Japan into the war and the surrender of the British-Australian troops in Singapore, Australia, the situation became critical. Britain could not support it.

Australian troops were recalled to their homeland, abandoning the road to help the British in Burma. The Japanese do not have landed in Australia and limited by bombing the northern city of Darwin, Brum, Таунсвилл и вторжением в новую Гвинею.

Основную помощь Австралии оказали США, превратившие материк в один из основных плацдармов для контрнаступления против Японии. Началось стратегическое сближение США и Австралии. Традиционным союзником Австралии осталась и Новая Зеландия.

Потеряв популярность, PSV lost the power of a minority Labour government in 1941 (in 1943 A government. Kertina received the most). After the electoral defeat of PSV in 1944 преобразовалась вместе с другими либеральными группировками в Либеральную партию Австралии (ЛПА).

Во время Второй мировой войны произошел подъем промышленности, caused by military needs, but by the end of the war production levels returned almost to pre-war urovnyu.Vo the Second World War killed 25 Thd. Australians.




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