Как проехать из Брума в Кунунурра за шесть дней, Part 2

20 October, 2015


Национальный Парк Пурнулулу.
ДЕНЬ 5 -Halls Creek – Purnululu National Park (212 km one way or roundtrip airfare)

If you decide to travel to Wolfe Creek Crater on board aviasudna, You can see a bird's-eye view of one of the most interesting places on Earth - Bungle Played Them Range, included in the World Heritage list, included in the National Park, Purnululu National Park.

If you prefer to stay at ground level, then there are advanced 4WD tours from Halls Creek, who will you Gorge Cathedral Gorge and other places this 350 million-year-old miracle.

For independent drivers: before entering the Park Drive 160 km from Halls Creek, the remaining 52 km of dirt road ahead, Therefore, we recommend that you take the Jeep.

For outdoor recreation available objects inside and outside of the Park, as well as Gljemping options.

If you are a fan of kiteboarding and everywhere carry in the trunk of your car kite boards, the trip to Torquay or Halls Creek may you disappoint, tk. ride a kite there you will have nowhere to. For the kite, you better choose a route, similar to the, which had done on past new year Oleg Lomov, umudrivshijsja three weeks go to Western Australia 4000 km and ride 15 various hotspots. Are you looking for on the Internet his report entitled: «As I pokatalsja in Western Australia for new year».

ДЕНЬ 6 -from the Purnululu National Park in Kununurra / KUNUNURRA (252 км) or from Halls Creek to Kununurra (360 км)km



On the final stretch of your trip worth making a break in the traffic with a visit to the tourist center of GIJA in Warmun, where traditional and modern arts and crafts of local Aboriginal artists.

Upon arrival in East Kimberley with the center of Kununurra, that means «big water», You'll find out, why this place got its name, especially after the, How to cruise on the Ord River and Lake Argyle – the largest artificial lake in the southern hemisphere.

We recommend staying in Kununurra for a night or two, to get acquainted with the rich fauna of the region and one of the finest river fishing in the North-Western Australia.

To, to get truly deep impressions of adventures, take your way back into the Broom on the legendary Gibb River Road 4WD (Gibb River Rd 4WD track).

Important information about travel

  • Check road conditions, before you move somewhere from each location of your stay, tk. roads may be closed during the rainy season (from November to April).
  • This route passes through some isolated areas in the outback.
  • Убедитесь, you have a big supply of water, Food and fuel.
  • Also note, that liquefied gas at the gas station is not available in all regional areas.
  • In the event of a breakdown, stay near your car-so you will be easier to find, than a lonely man.
  • Wild animals and cattle may represent a danger on the road, especially at dawn and dusk.
  • Be especially careful when overtaking trucks (big trucks, towing up to three trailers), they may be more, than 50 m length and 2,5 m width.

To find out more, or see more independent road routes, visit www.westernaustralia.com

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