Viet Nam travel: hectic life on the streets of Hanoi, part 2.

2 Декабрь, 2013


The seller sits among baskets with chili peppers and fruit on the streets of Hanoi.

We tried to stick to the French part of this town. Life on the streets here interesting and original, but the Museum of Ethnology seduced us to escape from the hot and humid climate in enclosed space, to learn about homes, clothing and life 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.

To get an extra reprieve from the shocking weather and culture outside, We decide to attend a water puppet show, where puppeteers use bamboo poles underwater, to move the puppets around a small pond, that shapes the scene.

The Legend of the Liberator of Vietnam from Colonialism – Ho Chi Minh City, is also included in our itinerary. We Tell the Kids, that we will spare them from viewing the preserved body of a former communist leader, but they are eager to join us and stand in line early in the morning with other pilgrims moving quickly past the glass-clad exterior and guarded by Uncle Ho.



In the same area, we will explore the former home of Ho Chi Minh City and the tranquil expanses of the former Imperial City, before heading to the nearby 11th-century Temple of Literature – Vietnam's first university. Admission is free for a child.

In general, to see all the sights of Hanoi, You'll need more than one day. We stayed here for three weeks and we didn't get bored at all. We haven't been to any other cities in Vietnam, but we've heard, that the sights of Nha Trang are very interesting – resort town in the south of the country.



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