Recreation Zatoka

21 Сентябрь, 2018


Photo: Recreation Center «Asterisk» Zatoka.

Veins in mini hotel called "zvezdochka". The hotel itself is located on the route Odessa-b. Dniester in the settlement of urban type (PGT) Zatoka. You can get there by rail transport, and on the car.


Type is generall therapeutic Zatoka is built on the first line from the sea, the rooms have all the necessary facilities for a full and comfortable vacation with air conditioning, tv and fridge. If you want to book a room for any event or just for a long stay, It is recommended that you pay for one day to confirm their intentions. Thus, and from the boarding house will be confident, that you actually stay in "Star".

Settle in Zatoke in numbers can be from the first of may. It is possible to come during the season to celebrate many holidays, starting with the may holidays. There are houses of different categories, which are designed for different numbers of holidaymakers. You can optionally select four, three, two people a separate House or one holidaymaker. Houses may have as all facilities, and partial. There are houses with high comfort. Health complex is located on a platform of "solar". If you decide to travel by car, You can put your car on a paid parking lot, and you can have a delicious meal in the near Cafe, which caters to all comers. Parking guarded. Asterisk recreation Zatoka invites everyone to spend their free time at the seaside.

Not far from there is a recreation market, where you can buy everything you need for a relaxing and recreation, and equipment and beach equipment rentals. There is also a shop, selling food. Run discos and night clubs. To the sea is not far away, It is a few metres. Beautiful views of the sea can be seen right from the Windows of the boarding house.



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