China South Airlajns company opened today a new direct flight to Shenzhen – Sydney

28 Январь, 2016


Авиакомпания Чайна Юг Аирлайнс открыла авиарейс Шэньчжэнь - Сидней
Sydney Airport today welcomed the opening of the new route China South Airlines Airlajns / China Southern Airlines, that launched a weekly direct flight from Shenzhen in Sydney on the eve of the Chinese lunar new year.

«We are pleased to welcome the new shenzhen – Sydney air route, which is especially important during the peak wave of attendance during the Lunar New Year period «, said managing director and chief executive officer of Sydney Airport, Kerry Mather.

«China South Airlines' new route will boost sydney's tourist and trade by providing a direct route to the main financial destination., technological and industrial center, which is Shenzhen».

«For Chinese passengers, Sydney Airport is the gateway to Australia and most of China's long-haul routes to any airport in the world pass through it., we have six mainland China airlines based, providing direct flights to nine cities in mainland China».

«Chinese passengers are for us the fastest growing and largest market for visitors entering our country., for whom we have implemented such important initiatives, as Chinese-speaking staff, Chinese social media channel and Lunar New Year celebration at the Airport, to provide tourists from China with a positive experience of visiting Australia».



China South Airlines is a member of the Sky Team Alliance / SkyTeam is China's largest airline, engaged in passenger air transportation.

«Today is a very important day for China South Airlines, and we are pleased to welcome the new route. China South Airlines has great confidence in the Australian market and today's First Flight clearly demonstrates our commitment to opening additional flights to China», said The Managing Director of China South Airlines responsible for Australia and New Zealand, Louis Lu.

«Shenzhen is an important city for trade between Australia and China, and awareness of the importance of developing an extensive network of air routes and the quality of the services offered, that provides China South Airlajns becoming stronger among Australian business people and tourists. We strive to provide service, which is distinguished by high quality and exceptional hospitality, but also provides an affordable way to travel, not only in Guangzhou, and now to Shenzhen, but onwards 195 directions in 40 different countries».

Minister of Commerce and Tourism New South Wales, Stuart Ayres said, that in the past 2015 Year, New South Wales took more 536000 visitors from China, that first spent in New South Wales more $ 2,1 Billion.

«We are also pleased to welcome a new trip. It will provide an opportunity to demonstrate to the international market, our wonderful city, branded restaurants and surrounding regions of our largest tourist visiting state in Australia», said Mr. Aires.

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