Ski resorts in the country's summer snow - Perisher

10 June, 2013


Горнолыжный курорт Перишер, АвстралияMany fans of skiing and snowboarding in a country called Australia summer snow. And all because, that when a Russian summer in Australia in the midst of winter ski season.



Ski resort of the country's summer snow – Perysher, which is the largest in Australia, Located just an hour's drive from Sydney. More about the resort can be found on the website of mountain skiing, Snowboard and Travel.
Here you will find 60 km of slopes, serviced 47 подъемниками (!) including the largest vosmikreselnym in the country, built by Austrian firm Doppelmajer.
In Perishere katalshhiki at any level will find a fascinating lesson preparation through magnificent slopes, and wonderful species, opening from the slopes of the mountains, located at altitudes from 1605 before 2034 Metres away.
Perisher resort used to being, that largely has the epithet as the most. This resort is not only the largest in Australia, but throughout the Southern hemisphere of the Earth, ski country such as New Zealand, Chile or Argentina.
Perisher resort yet and the most by the greatest number of snow precipitation, drop-down here in the winter (When is summer in the northern hemisphere).
And still here, perhaps, the longest ski season in Australia, It lasts from June to October.

In Perishere there are three main ski area, associated ski lifts. So it will be interesting for the lovers of Ski Safari. Central ski area – This is the route to the mountains height Perisher 2054 m and Perisher Backing (Plumbing fittings), height 2014 m. Here is located the most blue slopes the primary and secondary levels, their here 15.
On the slopes of Mount Perisher Backing, are much more difficult black slopes, But if you prefer, you can drive around in a blue or even green slopes.
The second big ski area-Gutega, with a maximum height of 1994 m (peak Blue Cow). In this area also has a large variety to select tracks and wonderful views of the surrounding landscape, which can be enjoyed whilst sipping mulled wine at the site of one of the mountain restaurants.
The third ski area-slopes of the mountain Pepper, height 1830 located across from the first two zones toward the Valley. There are more than a dozen trails for beginners and intermediate level.
There are also some great snow-parks for snowboarders and freestyle lovers.
Tourists coming to Perisher can accommodate both near Central mount Perisher ski area, and in the village of Smiggin Hole near the slopes of Mount Peper.
The resort features the largest ski school in the country. Many restaurants, bars and other establishments do not allow tourists to get bored and after a day on the slopes and leave them only the best memories of the largest resort in Australia.

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