In Sydney, the cases of snake attacks on residents and tourists

28 August, 2013




In the Australian city of Sydney, the cases of deaths from snake bites. Over the past few weeks on attics and basements of many homes were found numerous snake and nest family.
As it known, Australia live three kinds of deadly snakes, who is considered to be the most poisonous in the world, poison which 1.5 times stronger poison stealing and one bite is capable of killing nearly 2.3 Thd. mice. Per person this venom is pretty long, If from 24 before 48 h do not enter appropriate serum, a man can die.
According to statistics on "green continent" in year kills about 50 Man bitten by poisonous reptiles. Therefore, tourists and locals recommend be extremely careful, not to clutter the room is not the right things and in the case of the bite immediately turn to specialists for catching snakes and medical personnel.
In the past year, here is a case of finding snakes in the cockpit of the aircraft, Darwin airport vzletevshego. The pilot then fortunately managed to land the plane which. However, he, While in the air, for a time he could not even contact with terrestrial services, to request an emergency landing, because the snake just sat on the panel near the talk button, you want to push for negotiations.
Really, after landing to find the reptile could not. Media reported, that the plane does not fly, until the snake is found. They wanted to catch on, "bait" with the mouse. But what ended capture reptiles and whether it was at all on the plane – not reported.

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