Divers from Port Lincoln in hospital after shark attack

8 October, 2013


Diver Greg Pickering from Port Lincoln (Australia) miraculously survived after the second shark attack in Tuesday, almost ten years after, as it was attacked by a bronze whale shark.

«Catch and kill», such an order issued coastal police service, through several hours after, as the shark attacked, 55-summer diver, off the coast of Esperance in Western Australia.

Mr Pickering worked under water 180 km east of Esperance, When he was attacked by a white shark and badly damaged the Poynter, having received the bite wounds, mainly in trunk, and minor injuries to persons. He was taken to hospital by air medical service the Perth Royal Flying late at night into Tuesday.

The police were informed about the attack on 10:25 Morning. Mr. Pickering first dragged to shore divers from a nearby boat and then he was taken by ambulance to the Hospital of St. John in the town of Esperance in 2 hours noon.



Mr Pickering, who arrives in Port Lincoln and lives there for three to four months every year, pursuing underwater prey shellfish on the West coast of Australia, known as a hard-working diver with unusual abilities.

He survived after the attack 1,5 metre bronze whale shark in March 2004 During underwater hunting with a friend 9 km from the Instituto Cervantes, in 200 kilometres north of Perth.

He also has a few world records in freediving spearfishing, and is a member of the elite «300 Club» After that, as smitten spear-307 pound tuna off the coast of Mexico 1998 Year.



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