Seychelles-a tropical paradise in the ocean!

30 January, 2014


Seychelles, as gems, born in turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. They are beautiful and exotic. Here are the fabulous forests with rich flora and fauna with tranquil white sandy beaches, bordered impregnable granite rocks. Here the underwater world staggering imagination, and stunning seascapes around his head. Beach holidays in the Maldives, Seychelles and other islands of the Pacific Ocean have recently become very popular with Russian tourists.

Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 Islands, attracting the exotic crowds of tourists from all over the world. But the Seychelles were not always were tourists. Formerly first robbed the Corsairs, who plundered merchant ships. But in the 1811 year England did away with bandits and declared the Islands its own territory. English flag evolved over the Islands before the 1976 year, While the archipelago has not obtained the status of independence.



First a favorite spot for tourism became the largest island of the archipelago-Mae. But very soon the rest of the Islands have also become a favourite place for affluent travelers. After all, the beaches of the Seychelles most snow-white in the world, and sand here as if strewn from the vintage hourglass, so he's fine and velvety.

Crystal Ocean, huge coconut plantation, amazing nature and much more awaits tourists, coming to the archipelago. Here you can bask for hours in the Sun, sitting in a lounge chair and peering into the marine Dahl. This coconut paradise, surrounded by the tranquil surface of the ocean, attracts a variety of flora and fauna, marvelous reserved seats, bizarre rocks and colourful coral reefs.
Cuisine of Seychelles is one of the most delicious in the Indian Ocean. It is dominated by seafood and fish. In small restaurants you can enjoy the freshest shark, Barracuda which reside here or fish-Parrot.

The Seychelles can come again and again. Because every time you can select a new island for travel, which will give an unforgettable experience and a desire to return.

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