Rыbalka of sharpness Hook, part 2

16 Май, 2014


Don Watt aboard "Foxy Lady" at dawn leaves Aitataki. Фото: David May.

Black waves one by one euthanizes the side of the ship from the southeast, but Don's attention is attracted by the birds frigates.

«If you see frigates, circling around and all of a sudden they rush down - it's a sign of the presence of fish», he says.

«Last week we caught two wahus. (barbed bonito) on 20 kg each, but other days can be a lot better. And some days there are sharks and disperse all the fish, then catch nothing fails. Все зависит от того, how successful the day will be».

According to him, The best time to catch is July, August and September, when all kinds of fish gather in flocks, including marlin, sailboat and even wahu and Mahi Mahi (Dorado).

Our journey began in 5 am. Now it was 6:15 morning and end of March. There were no frigates in sight and no bite, on none of the four rods behind the boat.



Foxy Lady slowly skirted the coastal reef.

«We caught toothy tuna off the reef over there a couple of weeks ago.», noted don. «He was huge, Weighed 75 кг.»

Behind the explosion of the surf we could see a tiny island for newlyweds, similar to one of those promotional shots, what you'll find on the covers of tourist brochures across the South Pacific is the quintessential uninhabited island with lush coconut palms and pristine white sand beaches, gently washed azure waters of the lagoon.

At dawn there was still no sign of life. Behind Foxy Lady everything was quiet, as well as in the waves rolling past the swells. Don talked about his 'adopted' atoll under egg sandwiches.

His descriptions, that The population of Aitutaka is 2000 residents, five horses, multiple cats, countless chickens and no dogs, and the island is one of those rare places, where «time has stopped» and seems like an alien substance, and there is almost no crime here.

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