What to do on the island of Mauritius

30 January, 2014


The Island Of Mauritius.

Flocks of pink pigeons will meet on the shores of beautiful country Mauritius.

The East African island nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean, became a Republic in 1992 Year, its history, nature and a welcoming atmosphere ensure a good active recreation. You will not be bored and just lie on the beach here.

And it doesn't matter, that journey in this fairytale paradise is pretty expensive and belongs to VIP-class resorts. But only here you can see a long-long rainbow above the crater of an extinct volcano Piton, walk to the places of the famous Dodo and even visit her gallery at the Museum of natural history of the city of Port-Louis, admire rare plants and trees in the Botanical Garden of Pamplimus and roll the baby on a huge sheet of Lotus.

Activities in Mauritius



The main resorts are Baie-de la Tortue, Grand Baie, Kjurpil, Mahébourg, Pereybere. Pointe-de-FLAC, Pointe-aux-Rodrigues Island, Pointe aux Piments, etc. All water activities are well organized at all these resorts.

Especial popularity uses diving near the town of Serfent. It allows plenty of admiring beauty of the underwater world. Here steep cliffs dramatically moving into white beaches, and then vice versa. And everywhere the vast underwater forest of coral. You can snorkel masks from boats. Explore the wrecks of ancient ships.

Addictive angling will catch Blue Marlin, hammerhead, tuna, Barracuda. Even white shark. Catch absolutely free cooked in any restaurant in the island. A fascinating journey to the pirate regatta will cover look the whole island by the ocean.

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