Страны, которые по-прежнему предлагают австралийцам дешевый отпуск

20 March, 2015


Looking for where would relax more cheaply? Now as well, like any time, to explore your own House. Photo: Getty Imadzhes.

Think, that sharply after declining Australian dollar put a cross on your plans for a vacation? And here's, in accordance with site data LuxuryEscapes.com is not the case. They found eight destinations., on which travel is still more than available.

«The Australian dollar still retained its value against some other currencies., such as the euro and the yen, and travel to most of Southeast Asia is still available to us», said Paul Gorman, general manager of the LuxuryEscapes.com travel site, who specializes in affordable five-star recreation.

«The more you can pay for your holiday, before travelling within Australia in Australian dollars, the more you can save. This means, that you should consider getting a tour package with so many options included, as far as possible, For example, Breakfasts, nutrition, spa treatments and airport transfers», He advises.



According to Gorman, to the most expensive countries to travel to, due to the depreciation of the Australian dollar, include the United States and New Zealand.

«However,, we must remember, that the Australian dollar is still relatively strong. Yes, it has been very strong in the last three years and has not fallen against some currencies, we still have a currency, which allows you to make a wonderful, a great journey», added Gorman.

Here are eight directions, which offer excellent value for money for Australians at the moment.

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