Тредбо: Дешевое решение как избавиться от плохой погоды, ч3

14 Апрель, 2017


The route flattens to the top, and the mesh under your feet means, that your socks will stay dry. Photo: Kirilly Schwartz

The best part is, what you poseljaetes at a height of 1365 Metres away, and that means, that the air is clean enough. After a few months of living in the city, you feel so, as if washed off their sweat after getting out of the shower, and you can go to sleep.

And this time you won't have to make a choice between wrapping yourself in a sheet and sleeping in a sticky sweat, or sleep without a blanket and the reality of being atoned for by mosquitoes.

Гора Костюшко

It was cloudy over the top of Mount Koscyushko, but luckily, it wasn't raining. Photo: Kirilly Schwartz

See what a fluffy baby. How can you feel tense looking at it? Photo: Kirilly Schwartz

Not a bad place to contemplate and regain control of your cough. Photo: Kirilly Schwartz

No doubt, Thredbo's biggest trump card is its proximity to Mount Koscus, Australia's highest mountain 2228 Metres away.



21 km walk from the village to the top and back our group overcame in six and a half hours, including a leisurely morning tea and a lunch break.

If you're hardy enough, it is worth going through a tougher version of the route called Merrits Natur Track / Merritts Nature Track.

If you're not as strong, The Kosciuszko Express chairlift will quickly carry you four kilometers to the top at that place, where, After all, all routes merge.

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