Тредбо: Как дешево убежать с восточного побережья

10 Апрель, 2017


If winter spoil your mood, and you can't afford a complete rest, try this. Photo: Kirilly Schwartz

In the past three weeks, rain on the East coast of Australia was never stops.

Sydney residents looked completely broken, Brisbane was exudes water. Only Melbourne with the sunshine, but the storm was approaching and.

The grey city – not a fun spectacle, especially when this involved wet socks.

And where to go? It turns out the answer is-you can even stay within the country, but for this you have to climb above the clouds.



I recently spent a few nights in Thredbo this place is located in the heart of the snowy mountains, in a six-hour flight from Sydney or seven hours from Melbourne.

As the name implies, the climate here is fickle. It can change from sunshine to heavy rain and gale-force winds in just a few minutes. In childhood, I remember, once played in the snow in a wet snow, the drop in the mountains during a storm in January.

However, this weekend, conditions were perfect: blue sky and fresh mountain air breeze against the background of fairly warm weather.

The author of the text:  Kirilly Schwartz. Перевод: website   http://australia-tour.info

Stunning blue sky! Photo: Kirilly Schwartz

Extension: Дешевое решение проблемы плохой погоды, ч2

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