Beach Resort in North New South Wales, which is becoming increasingly popular

8 January, 2022


Cabarita Beach has been named Australia's best beach in 2020 Year. Photo: Trevor Worden

Beach in the north of New South Wales, which travelers have not paid attention to for years, was named number one in the country, and the whole area was quickly gaining popularity..

When I was a teenager, grew up in the interior of Byron, Tweed Shire was nothing more than a monotonous greenery., separating me from the bustling shopping malls of the Gold Coast. Long before that, how the M1 motorway was upgraded, a seemingly endless winding ride through iridescent reed fields and battered strips of beach scrub, Probably, saved me from many dubious fashion purchases of the 90s.

It also saved Tweed. / Tweed from a premature introduction to holiday hunters. Constantly ignored in favor of its brighter neighbors, it was able to develop its potential imperceptibly between the two popular tourist spots of Byron Bay and the Gold Coast..



While they were overwhelmed with families., throwing away money, wedding parties and local celebrities, Tweed shyly blossomed.. Preferring, so that its caravan sites are occupied by children on bicycles and their stocky parents with coolers.

Stretching from the enviable beaches and following along the River Tweed through patchwork fields of sugarcane, down the valleys and along the ridges to the peaks of the high mountain Varnin-Vollumbine, Tweed Shire is a coastal haven with lush inner pockets, quiet beaches and refreshing leisurely pace of life.

Extension: This abandoned beach is considered the best in Australia, Ch. 2

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