Отдых на Саншайн Кост: пиво, пляжи, заповедник и Большой Ананас, Part 4

15 Сентябрь, 2016


Deposits! Фото: Jenny Hewitt

Something for PIVA fans

The brewing and microbrewery industry didn't emerge today, but few of them boast a special appeal and quality of beer, produced by local company Moffat Beach Bruin Co..

Ubiquitous at the southern end of the Sunshine Coast (Саншайн Кост / Sunshine Coast), family cafes and places with live music is home to some of the most famous places in the hop business (such as for example Iggy Hop AjPiJej, Fu Manchu Amber AjPiJej and Voodoo Lady Chocolat Milk Porter).

Owners Matt and Sharon Wilson take, grind grain and BREW beer in small batches with universal public review.

At the same time, at the opposite end of the coast, in the outback called Nusa, old rusty barn begat a new Beer House Bonsai – charming micro brewery, filled with hanging plants and painted in Emerald color timbered walls. Try German-style beer, brewed with local passion fruit.

Кавана Ватер.

A serene scene on Kavanagh Water. Фото: Jenny Hewitt

Cognitive outdoor recreation

On the Gold Coast, It's possible, concentrated in one place all of the most popular sites for visit, such as theme parks, specific platforms, etc., but the Sunshine Coast is home to some much more alluring natural and not beaten by novelty attractions.

Go to the original Eumundi Markets, inside the country, half an hour's drive from Maroochydore, to meet thick sellers, selling everything, from hot donuts with jam and raw honey to authentic Malaysian POTI Kanai, one-off sculptures and hand-made articles from a tree.

Баддина Бич

A specific platform on the coast at Baddina Beach. Фото: Jenny Hewitt

Market every Wednesday and Saturday Buzzy becomes the most animated places of the city, against the background of the cult, coloured front in blue and covered with siding homes Queensland.



At the same time, for the sake of novelty feelings you can go take pictures of objects, included in the monument of architecture of "the big pineapple" in Nambore, in spite of the fact, that it seems, a little obsolete within. However, can advise you to skip this tour and instead explore the terrible subtropical rainforests Maleny.

Большой Ананас в Намборе.

The big pineapple at Nambore - one of the favourite places for Australians. Фото: Jenny Hewitt

Indescribably beautiful, charming reserve Mary Kjernkross Scenic retired looks straight out of a fairytale.

Twisted tree trunks between themselves and dense vegetation surrounded by giant Australian red cedar trees, creating a thick head over canopy create twilight and coolness.

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