Еда и кулинария Солнечного Берега

9 Сентябрь, 2016



Fresh fruit and vegetable products of the region is the envy of the rest of Australia. Photos: Jenny Hewitt.

Culinary pornography

Rough, village and is the quintessential Australian food – These are the best words to describe feelings, emerging during the culinary scene in sunny beach.

In the country, where the quality of the products is becoming more stringent, Sunny Beach feels pretty confident  , Although many do not even know about it.

All of that, that could buy elsewhere, juicy mangoes, giant Strawberry, Green passion fruit with honey, Roasted macadamia nuts, It's all here tastes better, than anywhere else in the world.

Add to that the fresh seafood, cooked straight from the production, delivered trawlers during its pre-independence period before your eyes, try the fish on a skewer in Mooloolaba, as well as delicious crabs, shrimp at Morton Bay and Pacific oysters.

Spice Bar at Mooloolaba Esplanade makes Asians whirl around widely represented many local products. Photos: Jenny Hewitt.

Next door at the Fish Restaurant On a little more awaits Parkyn expensive Roman cookery, where on top of the canvas of White tablecloths lie beyond-cool creations, such as seafood fettuccini with Barramudi, salmon, sword-fish, shrimp, Black mussels and chili pepper.



And in the evening until late at night can take a bellies are ambitious 10 courses in fusion Asian Spice Bar, located on the Esplanade Mooloolaba. Here you will find branded Mooloolaba King prawns with tamarind sauce and chili pepper, which to decorate the show served on betel leaves with eggs Benedict, and scallops in the style of Noosa.

Beer on tap at Moffat Beach Bruijn Ko. Photos: Jenny Hewitt.

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